Hewwo welcum 2 my websit3 :3

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Welcome to our site! This is a personal blog ran by grapetoast and ty. The site itself is rather new, so there is plenty more content and changes to come. We hope you find our thoughts interesting! Enjoy your stay ^-^

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Hello & Happi Holidays from User-Index!! ^ ^

Hi hello!! It's Grape, but I speak on behalf of Ty as well! It sure has been awhile.. I hope you all in netspace are doing well n such, keep bundled and cozy if need be! Just wanted to document thatwe're still kickin it B) We've been on many-a-adventures since last update, including but not limited to: beach episode, overseas special, and falling into a harsh cycle of being physically together/apart as result of the ridgid brutality that is "education". (I regret art skool). But! Due to increased e-time, we've been plotting some ideas for good ol user 'dex so keep ur eyes peeled :3!! See ya soon!

RIP Kentaro Miura

This site hasn't seen attention in a while, but with the death of one of my favorite authors/mangakas I just wanted to make a commemorative post.. Berserk has been my favorite manga since middle school, and grape became a big fan after I made her read it. I hope Miura passed knowing how much we loved and cared for his art, and with little grief in not being able to complete his life's work. RIP, you will not be forgotten.

Grape x Ty's Movie Watch List

Heya folks, it's us! Not really an update or anything, just some new content for us to share with you! The link above will direct you to grape and mine's to watch list. We will continue to add to this and even share our reviews! We have other movie and anime review essays to share soon, so we will do that. We love you!

We're Alive!

Heya kids! You may have noticed our site was down for a little while. That's because life is hard. Which prevented me from being able to fix the server that I may or may not have destroyed...

Anywho! Life is pain, and currently grape and ty are on their longest streak of not touching lips in meatspace since becoming bros who exchange bodily fluids. It has been rough :( Speaking of rough, router problems, amirite. Currently having trouble with my piece of soykaf verizon box. That is why user-index is currently being hosted on github pages. This is temporary cuz we can only host static pages, which means the guestbook is currently down. If you would like to reach out to us yall can shoot us an email :)

Thats all, we're back, feel fear. The gun timer gets lower every passing day. <3 AND CHECK OUT GRAPES SUPER COOL ART CLICK LINK ABOVE!!!

Picture of Admins

Today grape and I were talking on the web. I wanted to show her some holiday cookies my grandma sent, unfortunately I eated it. Anywho while we were talking she showed me some cool pic crews she made. The one I just linked is one we made together!!

After we made the pic she posted it in our discord server, my sister was online at the time, it was really embarrassing but also funny. I deleted it. Later when we both logged off, she made a couple personal edits to the image on her art tablet to make it look more like us. She posted in the server again and I couldnt will myself to remove it because I thought the edits she made were pretty cute.

About Us

This is our about us page, grape made some pretty sexy avatars.. Posting this on the main block because more people need to see grape's epic work!!

User Index Essential Readings!

Click here to check out our essential reading list! Most of it is weird and pornographic. But some of it is actually really worth checking out lol!


glitter gunSo basically, grape and I are very horny for guns, so horny that we plan to purchace one through private trade some time down the line. Anyways, we decided to try to make a page on our site dedicated to them in the future... Once it's up you can find it at the link above or here.

grapetoast is really cute!

There is no debating it. The verdict is in! The well known instagram and tiktok influencer, grapetoast, is an absolute cutie-pie! Without a doubt, fully deserving of this role and its perks. From now on, as God Empress of the universe, Her Majesty, grapetoast, is permitted to break and violate all laws punishable by man and beyond ;)

Eheheh all hail the mighty grape <3

aaaa hi

okii so have had to redo this,,, more times than id liek to admit,, but hi! iss gr4p3! am mostly just trying to see if can actually fukkin do this bcuz admittidly have my doubts, but we'll c ^ ^ honestly dont have all too much to say, just wanted to make first direct contribution to sit3! kk have a nice day :] (also tys a cuti3 ehe)OH SHIT OH FUCK I BROKE IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Update Log:

1/15/21 1:20am

oki lil update, i kinda broke the site :/ or as ty described it, raped it with my cybercock. I have regrets. This is my apology.

1/8/21 9:16pm

Happy new year! Kinda big update.. Couple of tweaks to site, some new posts. Server was down for a couple of days because ty is a retard. Router problems resulted in hosting site online using github. URL still works. Guestbook will be down for the meantime, sorry about that. If you wish to contact us you know our email.

12/17/20 9:34pm

Big Update!!! Firstly we made an about us page a couple days ago, we have link in top right block but you can also find here. Secondly grape went on and made super sexy awesome pixel art avatars for the both of us. They are located to the right of each of our entries and they look super rad!! Go ahead and check them out and make sure to send her praise!!!

12/14/20 12:27am

Added Essential Reading list webpage and rearranged some posts including the Guns are Sexy intro block. Will be adding a couple new pages soon.

12/10/20 10:56am

Added Gun timer. Will add script that automatically updates soon... Also added archive to older site versions that can be found here. Color format and update log change. Added script to timer can find the code for it here.

12/3/20 1:56pm

Changed some site layout aspects. Converted all css into a stylesheet. Will organize the code later. Added welcome post.

12/2/20 3:00pm

Added link to Ians site. More links will be added soon.

12/1/20 11:04pm

Complete overhall of site layout. Implemented about me and grapetoast is cute blocks. Will add old update list later.. Setup chat server, link to chatlogs here.

11/30/20 8:29pm

Launched site and added fluttershy image. Figured out how to use div tag and added a title.

About Us

Hello there, nice to meetchya. This site is currently ran by two members, grape and ty, who are super cool and epic. Click on that link to learn more about them.. Anywho this site and all posts are most likely made by them.. Feel free to contact them here.



Lainchan Webring

Come check out some swag web sites, fresh from some of the coolest lainchanners on deh net!!

Onion Mirror

Onion mirror of our site, in case you need it ;)


A site made by my friend ian. He's cool.

Days Until I Can Purchase a Gun


This is a timer of when I will be of age to purchase a firearm. I added a script that automatically updates it for me. If you wanna check it out click here.