About us

Hello! This sit3 is currently ran by two members, this page is dedicated to sharing a bit about ourselves. Thx for having at least a mild interest in our xistence!


hihi! current main purpose is acting as object of worship, mostly from ty but all praise is w3lcome. Have attempted to make contributions to sit3 thru artistic decision but mostly just made ty change the colors 50 times until we got something that looks halfway decent.

Ty is fukkin stoopid for underestimating the value of his brain products so yall better appreciate the fuk outta his wrk >:( I personally think iss delicious :3 Lemme kno if u c him devaluing himself will make sure he suffers for spreading lies.

Am just kinda chillin tbh B)

I lik3 digital illustration (commisions open uwo), roleplaying games, andng with alternative styles, mayb occasionally holding tys hand if he begs :P ee also collaging & thrifting & collecting :3

Personal favorites are currently Gorillaz(<33), Devi McCallion, MSI , & Mommy Long Legs ^-^

I tend to consume a lot of things on audio mediums so I can multitask with art (podcasts n utube video essays), as well as animation/other forms of art as I have a great appreciation of how much effort goes into it. Also throw in the typical n3t br4in r0t stuffs and such,, i dunno i dont go outside much ack

Favorite Podcasts: Magnus Archives, MBMBAM, Archive 81, & lif-e.af/ter (was intro to fiction podcasts and holy fuck lets just say school wasnt a priority for a few days)

Animation I liek (western & japanese): perfect blue, over the garden wall, evangelion, aggretsuko, bojack horseman, love death & robots, serial experiments lain, avatar, and a bunch of others but should probably keep list semi short lel



Heya there, Im the other admin.. You could say Im the brains behind the operation. Which isnt really true, I know html, besides that grape is probably a bit smarter :/ Anyway if you like some of the code for this site go ahead and take it, you can find most of it on w3schools, but the color palette is intellectual property of grape, so no steal >:(

Anywho, I brought this domain on a wim and decided to make grape contribute to it, but it turns out she really likes helping design the site!

Recently we have been designing new pages and features for deh site in our freetime or while snuggling together.. You could say it has become a virtual love child of our individual creative talents!

Currently Im the one who writes most of the posts and blurbs on our site, but grape has been learning how to operate the server and will be able to spread her hawt brain drippings all over the site soon!!

For the meantime ya oughta make due with my slightly less sexy brain waste, my condolences :(

I like computers, retrotech, cybersecurity, literature/reading/writing/poetry, kissing grape, and graphic design is my passion & being a N3RDDDD

I like everythinge likes, but some of my personal favs are punkrock and synth/lounge!

The usual media I peruse include literature, anime, forums/chans/boorus/, blogs, and vidya!

Literature wise I enjoy lots of things: classics, philosophy, poetry, nonfiction, fanfiction, webstories and the lot! My favorite genre is cyberpunk and the original short story that coined the term is a personal, and underrated, favorite of mine!

Personally I think our generation doesnt read enough, but thats a pretty common opinion amongst a lot of people.. Ofc some people have trouble reading which isnt fair to them. My lil sis is dyslexic and I had to help her with reading a bunch when she was little, but now she reads way more than me so ig its about building habits and finding books you love and all that!

ANIME: I dont know why I wrote anime in all caps, but anime has played a very important role in my life (to my detriment most likely) and I would like to share those impactful mes with the world!

Some of my personal favorites include: Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Rozen Maidens, and a lot more that I will make into an anime rec list later uwu..