The User Index Reading List!

Over the years the discord server I have been running has shared and exchanged many odd blurbs of web text and culture. Most of the stuff we shared with eachother ranged from interesting text stories and fanfictions to pdfs of odd DIYS. Because of our strong friendships we were drawn to read what our peers shared. Through this we have develeloped a vast list of interesting and cool works of cyber literature that we enjoy and cherish.

Do note that some of this material is nsfw or harmful in nature. We advise that you brace yourself for potentially offensive or appaling content. We like to believe that we share this kind of material out of irony, while the reality of the situation is that we do it because we get of by it lol.

Work nsfw? Link/Comments
Oral Hygiene Brother Almost Find it here. Personally I really enjoyed despite the tabboo nature of the work. It's kinda long formatted in a series of text posts, but the work itself is very captivating and progresses very well.
Office Feet Femdom Yes Find it here. Friend of mine shared this a long time ago. Very gross. Very funny.
Bride of Discord No Find it here. Discord x Fluttershy fanfiction. Very cool, rec by grapetoast herself.